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Communal Harmony and National Integration

Communal disharmony is a roadblock in the process of national integration.The irritants i.e., the factors behind communal disharmony are deep-rooted. They are the history of Ghazni, Gauri, Delhi Sultanate, Lodhis, Role of Aurangzeb, the British Raj’s Policy of Divide and Rule, leading to the Partition holocaust and the Kashmir problem and terrorist activities. Last but not the least, the role of political parties. Politicians and religious leaders are hobnobbing with each other, trends of regionalism and lingualism etc, lack of education/ literacy and poverty. Masses easily are misled. God and religions are being unnecessarily blamed.

To promote National Integration, there is need for:
- Awareness, Education, Economic development.
- Knowledge about the role of politicians and religious leaders. Interfaith development and correct interpretation of the Holy Scriptures.
- Political parties must strictly adhere to secularism.
- Promote the cause of national language.
- Inter state tourism must be encouraged.
- Reduce illegal migration – deal with such sternly.
- Sort out issues with neighbouring states.
- Positive role of educationists and NGOs.
- Good leadership, political and religious.
- Role of the Media should be positive and not inflammatory.
- Role of Judiciary, enforcement of the Preamble, Directive Principles, Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties.

Guru Nanak states in Japuji Sahib, stanza 14: A wise person would not tread the path of communalism. You can’t grow in isolation. Secularism is being interpreted wrongly. Jawaharlal Nehru in a meeting at Aligarh, said: I am heir of Indian culture and traditions.The Government has sanctioned 6000 model schools, but the question is who will run them. Every state spends 22% - 28% on education. But the number of students is decreasing in government schools. Even the teachers who teach in government schools don’t sent their children to government schools.

Proportional representation will lead to further segmentation of the society.
How can politicians of one political party remain indifferent to other politicians who misuse religion? Power sharing systems will not work. Out of 100, there are 70 Hindus and 28 Muslims in the country. Who is promoting balconising of India? Those who violate the constitution are culprits. Once the former Chief Justice of India remarked: 6% of population is capable of reading the Indian Constitution. But only 1% of population is capable of understanding the Indian Constitution.- Fragmentation of the society into castes and sub castes, who do not feel comfortable with each other.

- Everybody cries for Justice. If a victim does not protest, we say he is at peace.
- Various schemes for minorities have pushed them farther from other communities.
- People urge a genuine share in governance.
- Protect dignity of every person.
- Ban fundamental groups who terrorize each other.
- Need for an impartial policy protection.
- Give equal encouragement to all groups of people and no discrimination.
- Schools are without teachers in UP. But with 70% literacy, we can sow the seeds of communal harmony.

If the State is secular, but there is a sharp communal divide in the society, it will create a lot many practical problems. There is a need for a permanent committee to draft the education syllabus. Gunar Mirdal emphasizes the role of educational institutions in promoting communal harmony.

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