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The New Year Scribble

It sounds grotesque that you have spent 3, 15, 36,000 seconds during the year 2008. The sum total of the mental phenomena has the magnitude of an ocean. Does this notion call for an “Amrit Manthan?” Yes. It will be an exercise in self-examination, introspection, an annual check-up of the balance sheet, revealing how disproportionate the debit side of our life is. I find it to be true in my case.

In an attempt at a self-study, the Hegelian methodology sounds helpful and appropriate. To know what is what; first, know what it is not. Not knowing what a righteous action is, a self-confession will be beneficial in the process of metamorphosis. True, external misdeeds are taken care of by the state and the society. But the bewildered misperceptions, misunderstandings, misdeeds, ill-behavior, presumptuousness, self-praise, rat race for power, money and material possessions stem from indulgence and egoism. Not to mention the anvil of our selfish dealings with others at all levels. Where do we stand in terms of the moral yardstick, expounded by all world scriptures?

Why go about cursing your mind? What’s wrong with it? As it is, the mind receives a feedback from the sense organs. The mind knows the taste of assorted objects of likes and dislikes. The mind, by its nature and habit, recalls and recapitulates sad moments gone by. More often than not, the mind is immersed in negativity, pessimism, feelings of failings and fallings of the past, overlooking the few short- lived and sweet memories.

Our misdoings stem from the misuse of sense organs and foul play of the mind and abuse of any sense organ is bound to generate distaste and put yet another layer of ignorance and dirt on the subdued consciousness. So why not nip the evil in the bud. Beware, don’t abuse your sense organs. Don’t let the divine human degenerate into devilish machinations. Therefore, a natural use of sense organs is the prerequisite in the successful pilgrimage of life.

Instead of drowning into the mystical whirlpool, you can be absolutely comfortable if you live a natural life. Let every day be your temple. Enter into your temple with an absolute sincerity with yourself, making a natural use of your sense organs and applying a rational bridle on the mental chariot. It is neither a negative measure, nor a restrictive formula. Our total thrust should be on educating and harnessing our natural faculties so that they can perform freely and ethically, keeping the focus on the larger social interest.

Curb your misdeeds and overdoing. Read into your natural needs. Conduct your affairs with dignity, straightforwardness and empathy for others. Recognize your real Self, which is longing to identify itself with the Cosmic Self, like a drop of water, keen on merging into the ocean in order to become one with it.

No one is your rival or enemy. It’s entirely your own thinking. In your greed and ever-increasing desires, you want to distinguish yourself in the illusionary world; running endlessly after short-lived gains and pleasures. The moments of pain and frustration far outweigh the moments of pleasure. If you resolve to bridle your sense organs and release positive mental signals, life in the world will be a more comfortable sojourn. The outer world will radically change as the light shines within.

Let’s look within, since there is something wrong with it. Self-consciousness is the best anchor for the weltering ship of life, tossing on the fathomless sea of time. Another 3, 15, 36,000 seconds to go in 2009. See how much life is there in every moment!

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