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The Essence of Religion


It is the need of the hour that people understand the true meaning and significance of religion and religious exercises. It entails upon the religious gurus to educate and show the path to the masses. It cannot be a hidden agenda or a political game plan, played as a gimmick to capture and manipulate votes of the gullible, illiterate and destitute masses. It is a great sin and violation of religious spirit to use religion as a tool to fill one’s vote bank. It is being done by politicians as a tool to capture power. In flagrant disregard to the messages of the Prophets. It has created mistrust for religion, which is believed to be representing politics in disguise.

Human nature, in its essence, is one and every man has the capacity for the highest possible development. The soul is one in all. Its possibilities are the same for every one. The ideals that regulate one man’s life are present for acceptance by mankind in general. A person has to reach them by gradual evolution.

A man of any religion can be called religious if he abides by the principles of truth and love. A true Hindu/Muslim/Christian /Sikh is a religious person provided he believes in truth.

The best way to go about religion is to abide by the principles of one’s own religion with the help of one’s own Holy Scripture. Have a dispassionate view. It may not serve much purpose to go the populist way may not necessarily be correct and sound. Beware of the tailor-made approaches of ambitious persons for whom no sacrifice of men and material is too high to capture power.

To just go to a temple, church or a mosque without the knowledge of moral principles and practice of the same, serves little religious purpose. That is merely a ritual and not religion. The way to God lies through the love and service of man. This idea is common to all the principal religions of the world.

The individual moral regeneration which should be our primary concern. A man can become a good citizen only by disciplining his life according to these principles. The greater the spirit of truth  in us the better men and better citizens do we become.

What are the present religious leaders doing all  the world over. They hardly think of man’s regeneration, reorientation, redefinition and spiritual growth. They only tell the people  to blindly believe in what they command to become better religious persons.

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