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Truth is timeless. It has manifested itself in incalculable and immeasurable objects, with new and new forms, while some objects keep disappearing at physical level. No human can ever perceive the Truth in entirety (Guru Nanak). However, Truth has been powerfully and effectively expressed through men of Truth, called Prophets and Gurus. 

The Holy Quran says: different messengers have been sent by the Almighty God to different people at different times, at different places/ regions to convey His message to the masses. The Holy Quran exhorts: Don’t discriminate among the Prophets, and the holy scriptures of other religions. Respect them all.

Long long ago, the Rig Veda taught: Truth is One, but the wise call it by different names. Lord Krishna stated: All paths lead unto Me. Guru Nanak said: “Raha dovai khasam eko jano.” There are different paths, but the Master is One. Guru Gobind Singh said: Mandir, Masjid, Church, Gurudwara are the same; Prayer, Namaz, Ardas and Mass are the same. Sukhmani Sahib Ashtpadi 24, reads: The subject matter of all religions is the same. His worshippers and worship are of the same hue. Guru Arjan Dev said: Koi bole Ram, Koi khodai……  Kabir expressed it in the most beautiful words: Aval Allah Nur Uppai, Kudrat de Sab bande, ek Nur te sab jag upje, kaun bhale, kaun mande. Gandhi digested and most courageously practiced interfaith at the national level.

International conferences on Interfaith are being held all over the world. It is believed: religion is a great power and this power should be utilized for world peace and harmony. But motivated religious leaders of all faiths distort religious gospels and mislead the credulous masses of their respective communities. They have practically brought havoc with the humankind. This throws a gantlet to the right thinking leaders and religious men to come forward and counteract the pernicious propaganda of the satan. If you love God, you have to love His creation. It calls for an interfaith dialogue, highlighting the theme of One God and One humanity. All paths lead unto Him. We are all His children. Therefore, we are real brothers and not cousins.

Follow Religion Truthfully

The question is not about of any particular religion or to question its age-old exclusive claim to truth. Every faith focuses on love, unity in favour of love, unity and Universal brotherhood. The author is writing this to narrow the gulfs which have arisen to divided mankind. Religion does not teach hatred. Let’s follow religion truthfully

It is well-nigh impossible to change people’s viewpoint on religions matters. Yet there is no harm to read between the lines of our scriptures and appreciate the historical requirements of circumstances. When our scriptures were composed, the Lord revealed himself. And the Lord knew the stage that he was passing through. The Lord wanted himself to expand through the human race. It was a socio-economic requirement too. We did obey the Lord and carried out his command. But the Lord won't feel happy if we do not look after his creation - his children. That we should be able to house all His children well; educate them, give them nice food, shelter and clothing; nice bringing up, good jobs, marry them well and also help them own up small dwellings. How will all this be possible if we recklessly go on expanding and push His children into sub-human conditions, give them hopeless food, poor clothing and unhygienic shelter without rooftop. Will the Lord pardon us for our bad planning and for our sensual pleasures and uncontrolled procreative activity. That human race is growing like mosquitoes. Should 'we reproach ourselves. Let's twist our own ears. Let's control ourselves. Let's undertake social and economic responsibility while adding up even one more child into human race when we are unable to provide a worthwhile living to our present folk. Let's think, what is our true religious duty as ordained by our scriptures.

Why not address God in one common name. Religion doesnot teach thatHindus call him lshwar and Bhagwan; the Muslims Allah, the Sikhs Waheguru, the Christians call him God. But if the scriptures are quoted correctly, we read that the divine attributes are more or less the coat tributes. There may be difference in illustrations, parables, analogies and mythology. But all address Him, as the Highest, the Supreme, All-powerful, All-knowing, Creator of everything - trillions of objects have been created by him; And He has created man in his own image. He knows all about all, for all times, past, present and future. He is timeless, ever-present (and present ) everywhere. He has no father or mother.
Therefore, he is neither born nor does he grow, evolve, get old or die.

Accordingly, he has no wife, no son or daughter. He reveals Himself and his greatness through his own representatives- such men belong to his world and not to our worldly world. These saints talk his language, practice divine virtues, preach what is revealed to them. Look, how much is common among the saints of different times, languages and historical backgrounds. There is much in common in the religions of the world.
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