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Buddha, the apostle of peace, says: Truth can’t live where passions and attachments live. He rejects wrong notions – false presumptions, vanity, ignorance, lust, worldly profits and loses. Leave the bodily desires. Expunge “I” from your life. The Vedas and Upanishads emphasized “Soul and its Eternity”. All else is farce. Buddha beautifully says: You can give sermons only after you have delivered your soul from physical bondage. This thought was earlier highlighted in the Gita. Buddha said: do only good deeds, both in mind and outside. The wheel follows the foot of the ox. A good deed implies nishkam karma, as taught in the Gita.

Beware of the mind since it is forerunner of all activities. Pure mind does not suffer. This idea comes from the Gita and later it was emphasized by all Holy Scriptures. Buddha said: do action as a sacrifice, Bhagwad-Gita named it Nishkam Karma. Rise above the bodily desires such as greed, lust, happiness, sorrow, enmity, friendship, hot and cold. This idea was highlighted in the Upanishads and the Gita. You need masterly control over the mind. Free thy soul. The idea to rescue the soul goes back to the Upanishads.


Rescue thy soul. All religions accept it. Free thy soul, not merely by leaving your home and retiring to the jungles. Renounce attachments. Truth can’t live where attachments and passions live. Wrong notions, false presumption, vanity, ignorance, bodily relations and bodily desires are a hindrance. Method: First, have virtuous conduct; rise above hatred. You can give reasons only after you have delivered your soul from the physical bondage. Have celibacy in thoughts. Cover your head with the helmet of right thoughts. Body defies authority of the soul.

Establish authority of the soul over the body. Calm your mind. The self should take delight in the destruction of your bodily cravings. Tide of lust is dangerous to wisdom. It is like an uncharted boat, which will carry you anywhere, destinyless.  Ride the boat of jnana. A word spoken in wrath is the sharpest sword. Man’s own deeds like fire of lust will consume him. Plato advocates: merge thyself in the society for the happiness of all. Knowledge and Truth have no body, no category and no identification. Our physical eyes drag us into the world of illusions. Enlightenment is for all, said Buddha.

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