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15 -16 OCTOBER 2015

Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction, devised by the ingenuity of man. This was the message that echoed throughout the two-day Gandhi Peace Convention at Ahlcon International School Mayur Vihar Phase I, Delhi 91.


The lighting of the lamp gave an auspicious start to the two-day Convention, followed by the presidential address by Prof. M M Verma, President of Interfaith Foundation India. The Keynote address was given by Prof. S M Sajid, Jamia Millia Islamia. Later, the Guests of Honor Dr Radha Bhatt, Dr Lal Utreja interacted with the students and gave them valuable insights on the theme. The chief guest of the day was Hon’ble Shri H K Dua, who shared some very interesting anecdotes with the students and exhorted them to imbibe Gandhian values. Later, during the day, Maj. Gen. P K Saighal (Retd.) addressed the gathering and instilled the spark of self-belief in young minds. Dr Alok Bajpai, a noted Gandhian and Psychiatrist, IIT, Kanpur steered the session towards the need of developing mental resilience. Declamation competition was also organized that gave the students a chance to express their thoughts. Eloquent speakers, from among the students, were duly rewarded.


It was a splendid morning of valediction to the occasion. It was an event, which celebrated Bapu’s greatness, life and philosophy. The second day of the convention began with the opening remarks by Prof M.M. Verma. He spoke about the relevance of Gandhian thought and philosophy in today’s World. The distinguished panelists, who have treaded the path shown by the Mahatma, were Mr SN Sahu, Joint Secretary, Rajya Sabha. Prof. Surendra Pathak, Director Research, IASE University and Ezekiel Isaac Malekar, the head of the Jewish community, graced the occasion. After the Memento presentation, began the interactive session on the theme of ‘Exploring Gandhi’. About 20 schools participated in the interactive session. Thought provoking and searching questions were asked, which the panelists sought to answer. Later, the Valedictory Session was chaired by Prof. MM Verma. Dr A Annamalai, Prof. Hema Raghavan, and Dr Rohini Ahuwalia highlighted different aspects of Gandhian thoughts and practices. Mr Arif Md. Khan, former Union Minister, was the Chief Guest of the session. He explained the cultural roots of Gandhi’s philosophy.

The Convention reiterated the significance of the Gandhian way of life in the young minds. The Gandhi Peace Convention brought Gandhian values close to the students. “Our young students have the potential to be the change they want”, said Principal Ashok Pandey of Ahlcon International School.


Gandhi Peace Convention

Thursday 15 Oct. 2015

Inaugural Session                                   9:00-11:00 am 

Chief Guest

Hon’ble HK Dua, Member Rajya Sabha & Former Editor, Hindustan Times, Former Editor-in-Chief, Indian Express 

Guests of Honor

Prof. SM Sajid, Former Pro-VC, Jamia Millia Islamia
(Keynot Address)
Dr Radha Bhatt, President, Gandhi Peace Foundation
Dr Laj Utreja, A scholar from USA


Prof. MM Verma, President, Interfaith Foundation India
Chair, Religious Harmony, IASE (D) University, Rajasthan

Vote of Thanks

Ashok Pandey, Principal Ahlcon International School

Declamation Contest                            11:15-2:15 Pm                      


 Maj. Gen. PK Saighal (Retd.)
Dr MD Thomas
Dr Alok Bajapee
Mr Ezekiel Issac Malekar, Rabbi

Friday 16 Oct. 2015

Workshop                                               9:30 - 11:30am


Mr SN Sahu, Joint Secretary Rajya Sabha
Prof. Surendra Pathak 
Mr Ezekiel Issac Malekar, Rabbi

Valedictory Session                              11:45 – 2:15 pm

Chief Guest

Mr Arif Mohd. Khan, Former Union Minister  

Guests of Honour

Dr Rohini Ahuwalia, Chairperson Ahlcon International School
Mr A. Annamalai, Director Gandhi National Museum & Lib
Prof. Hema Raghavan, Former Principal Gargi College (DU)


Prof. MM Verma


 Principal Ashok Pandey

Vote of Thanks

 Ahlcon International School

Gandhi Peace Convention
15 October 2015

Day 1

Inauguration Ceremony

Venue- School Auditorium
Time: 09.00am-11.00am
Programme Schedule

Welcome of the Guests 09.00am-09.45am
Lamp Lighting 09.45am-09.50am
Memento Presentation 09.50am-09.55am
All Faith Prayer 09.55am-10.00am
Welcome Address by the Chair-Prof.M M Verma 10.00am-10.05am
Keynote Address by Prof. S M Sajid 10.05am-10.15am
Address by the Guests of Honour: 10.15am-10.35am
Dr. Radha Bhatt
Dr. Lal Utreja
Address by the Chief Guest-Hon’ble Shri H K Dua 10.35am-10.45am
Conclusion by the Chair-Prof.MM Verma 10.45am-10.55am
Vote of Thanks by the Principal 10.55am-11.00am
Mr. Ashok Kr. Pandey
Tea Break for the Guests 11.00am-11.15am

Declamation Competition

Time: 11.15am-1.50 pm

Program Schedule

Welcome of the Guests 11.15am-11.30am
Memento Presentation 11.30am-11.35am
Opening Remarks by the Chair Maj. Gen. P K Saighal (Retd.) 11.35am-11.40am
Address by Dr. AlokBajpai 11.40am-11.50am
Declamation Competition Begins 11.50am-1.35pm
Conclusion by the Chair &Result Declaration by Maj. Gen. P K Saighal 1.35pm- 1.45pm
Vote of thanks by the Vice Principal Ms. SangitaMaliwal 1.45pm-1.50pm
Lunch 1.50pm onwards

Judges for the Declamation Competition 

Dr. AlokBajapee
Mr. Ezekiel IssacMalekar,Rabbi
Dr. M D Thomas


Day 2


Time: 9.30am-11.30am
Programme Schedule

Welcome of the Guests 9.30am-9.45am
Memento Presentation 9.45am-9.50am
Opening Remarks by the Chair-Prof.M M Verma 9.50am-10.00am
Address by the Experts - 10.00am-11.00am
Prof. J S Rajput
Mr. S N Sahu
Prof. Surendra Pathak
Question and Answer Session 11.00am-11.25am
Vote of Thanks by Convention Coordinator – 11.25am-11.30am
Ms. Ekta Kandhari
Tea Break 11.30am-11.45am


Time: 11.45-2.15pm
Programme Schedule

Welcome of the Guests 11.45am-12.30am
Memento Presentation 12.30pm-12.35pm
Opening Remarks by Chair-Prof. MM Verma 12.35pm-12.45pm
Address by the Guests of Honour- 12.45pm-1.10pm
Mr. A. Annamalai
Prof. Hema Raghavan
Report of the Convention by the student 1.10pm-1.20pm
Address by the Chief Guest-Mr. Arif Mohd. Khan 1.20pm-1.25pm
Result declaration and Prize distribution by Prof. MM Verma 1.25pm- 1.40pm
Cultural Programme 1.40pm-1.55pm
Vote of Thanks By the Principal - 1.55pm-2.00pm
Mr. Ashok Kr. Pandey
Lunch 2.00pm onwards
Photo Gallery
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