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Islam is religion of peace. There is no place of violence in Islam (Quran sura 2:83, 5:32).  There is but one God, serve him alone, don’t serve other gods (sura 2:1). God is present every where. He is there in the East as well as in the West (sura 2: 115). Believe in God and if you deny him, angels and apostles then you are a sinner (sura 2:99).  Disbelievers are severely punished (sura 2:1). The Holy Quran emphasizes on purity of heart in (sura 9:52). Tolerance towards all religions and Prophets is ordained in the Holy Quran (sura 2:285). Kafir is one who does not believe in Allah and does not carry out His commands.


The Holy Quran says: No help to the evildoers. Islam’s message of humanity, soft-speaking and social equality was well-received and highlighted later in Sikhism.

Allah has sent messengers to all people at different places and different times (sura 2:213).Do not differentiate among the messengers of God (sura 2:285). All of you are together one. The believers should call upon the followers of other religions to unite for the sake of truth, seek mutual help and friendship and stand firm in constancy and patient perseverance (sura 3:64). Say, I believe in all scriptures that Allah has revealed. Allah is our Lord and your Lord …. Recite what has been revealed to you in the book of your Lord. All differences will cease (sura 42:17). Charity means to extend the hands of friendship to him whom one knows and to him one knows not said Mohammad. Islam takes cognizance of racial and ethnic diversities that characterize human societies across the world and holds that these diversities are divinely ordained ( sura 11:18, 30:22, 25:54). The explicitly maintains that there is no place in Islam for compulsion (sura 2:56; 109:6).

Allah has created everything- heaven, earth, light, darkness etc.(sura 6: 1) God has created everybody from a single soul (sura 4:1). God does not charge a soul more than it can bear (sura2:286) Emulate each other in good deeds (sura 2: 146). Excel in piety (sura 49:13).Don’t exhaust patience (sura 2:51). God tests you in adversity (sura 2: 156). Show kindness to parents, kinsfolk, orphans and the poor etc. Don’t shed blood of your kinsmen (sura 2: 83). Not which side is your face, the most important is the good deeds (sura 2: 177). Those who mislead people in the name of God, are wicked. Those who have gone astray, invite his wrath.

Mohammed’s Words of Advice to Mankind

Be afraid of God. Seek truth in anger and peace. Follow middle path in riches and poverty. Befriend a person who antagonizes you. Give to a person, who does not give you. Forgive a person, who is cruel to you. Your silence should be thoughtful and your words should be liked by God. Take lesson of morality from whatever you see. Give instructions for observance of virtue.

 God save me, O’ Lord, I seek your refuge from evil arising from: hatred among human heart: unsteady on the righteous path and bad conduct.  Give hospitality to guests. Speak good words or remain silent. Among you, I like that person the most whose manners are the best. He will be nearest to Me on the Day of Judgment.

Prophet Mohammed said that God sent down a revelation to Prophet Abraham: “It is my promise to the people of excellent manners that I will keep them under the shadow of my throne on the Day of Judgment.”  If a person has gathered some knowledge that benefits the people, reward will come even after death.

Adopt piety and abstain from immorality for the sake of God. Fulfill your promise. If somebody has entrusted you something, ensure its safe custody and restore the same to the rightful person on time; don’t fiddle with it.

Be kind to orphans. Don’t inconvenience the neighbour. Have control over your anger.

Speak softly. Do good deeds, popularize mutual greetings by praying for peace (viz., say assalaamu alaikum to each other). Obey your leader. Obey your ruler. Read and try to understand meanings of the Scripture. Love life hereafter. Fear the reckoning on the day of judgment. Keep your expectations to bare minimum.

When you visit a sick person to enquire about his health, then a heavenly angel greets you to say that in lieu of your good gesture, a place has been reserved for you in heaven.

Hoarders of food grains, waiting for price to rise, are sinners.

If you grant respite to a destitute debtor or forgo debt, on the day of judgment,  God will seat you under his empyrean throne; that day there will be no shade elsewhere. Your subordinate is like your brother. Feed him out of your food, ensure he is properly clothed. Don’t ask him to do something that is beyond his           physical means. If ever you give him some difficult work, help him in its completion.

When you plant a sapling or sow a crop and a bird eats out of it, or a human being benefits there from, this act is counted as your propitiatory charity for God’s pleasure.

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