Responding to the changing needs of our times

Interfaith Foundation

Let's work together with a common goal
Let's converse with a common purpose
Let's our minds meet together
Let good thoughts come from all sides
Gather information from all sides
A sage is one who is comfortable in all sides
Let all sides be my friends

Interfaith Foundation India is the protagonist of the philosophy of pluralism, democracy, constitutional system and peaceful coexistence. With its focus on communal harmony and peaceful coexistence, all activities of the Foundation are concerned with its principal goals. Towards its goals, the Foundation has done its best to disseminate its philosophy by organizing conventions, conferences, seminars, round tables, research work of serious nature, Iftars, publications, and visit to different places of religious worship, etc. All efforts are directed towards creating bonhomie among people of different faiths. Besides, the Foundation has done serious work in disseminating correct religious knowledge, with a focus on highlighting the commonalities in all Spiritual Scriptures. Interfaith Foundation India has created the largest network of academics and interfaith leaders of diverse pursuasions in India and abroad. Interfaith Foundation India has done research projects with renowned Indian scholars and published three classic works with interfaith perspective.


The foundations of a pluralistic society—its culture and its legal and educational systems require an acceptance of universal human values derived from spiritual scriptures and human experience. Therefore, the path forward is one where we seek positive dialogue at all levels and appreciate each other’s points of view while upholding the spirit of oneness.

A Dialogue with Truth is an epitome of knowledge, a critical study of the crucial issues, diverse and interrelated.The book highlights the distinctive contribution of each religious scripture. The present classic has the distinction of being the book of Prof. Verma by PARTRIDGE - A Penguin Random House of Company. A Dialogue with Truth is the product of the author's long academic and spiritual experience - his swan song.

Gandhi’s Technique of Mass Mobilization is an enquiry into the nature and method of Gandhi’s leadership. Prof. Madan Mohan Verma is author, whose classic work – Gandhi’s Technique of Mass Mobilization have been published by world’s most renowned publisher “PARTRIDGE A Penguin Random House Company.

Subject matter of all religions is the same. His worship and worshippers are of the same hue Outer symbols are not important Unless you realize the equality of all mankind, you can't understand His will. In essence, we have to convince each other that there is something greater than our differences and distinctiveness, which binds us together. And that is the principle of unity. Blind rejection of one faith in favour of another is absurd.
Let's work out universally acceptable principles of common consciousness of the common good. We need to facilitate discussion among the peoples of different faiths to tell them how their various traditions call upon them to work together to serve others, without discrimination. We need to organize meetings of different faith communities to come together in concrete projects.