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The world of togetherness, brotherhood, cooperation, and united efforts for the common good of humankind – a world in which men stumble not, in which they walk straight and live for each other - a world free from ignorance, poverty, superstitions, darkness, exclusiveness, fundamentalism and obscurantism - a world in which people are free to profess and practice the tenets of their respective faiths, which ought to unite mankind as the children of one Supreme Reality, living in peace and happiness.

In a multilingual and pluralist society like ours, we must respect the teachings of all Prophets, not as the last resort, but as the first option. Harmony among faiths is imperative for a sustained economic growth. Let us use a language that binds and does not divide.

If we have to survive as an integrated society, we should understand the contents of the holy Scriptures by using non - denominational languages and overlook the differences at the level of rituals and outer symbols. Without pure heart and good deeds, no one will go to paradise, said Guru Nanak. Languages are less important than the contents and deeds of man as taught in the Bhagavad-Gita.

We should care for the contents more than we emphasize the original languages in which these Scriptures were scripted. So much has changed. Let's also change our perspective, teach and learn spiritual issues in non - denominational languages. Let’s show respect to the teachings of all spiritual Masters by understanding their messages and sharing the same with others, irrespective of the original language, in which they were written.

We should show reverence to all spiritual paths. Such a spirit is needed, if we are to live at peace with one another. We should celebrate and honour the richness and universality of Truth, found in all holy Scriptures of different faiths. People who have a genuine concern for religion and spirituality should understand and respect one another’s religion. The religious power like any other power can be used for a good cause or for a bad one.

What, we need so desperately in our world today is mobilization of religious power on behalf of world peace. This power, if mobilized among the right people all over the world, can usher in a golden period in human history. Let us highlight the shared wisdom and light of the great religious teachers of the world. May this light shine brightly! May there be peace on Earth! May diverse cultures and civilizations coexist!

Let us overcome exclusiveness and end our blindness in order to imbibe a common culture of moral consciousness. All human beings, irrespective of national boundaries, religion, caste, colour, creed etc., are the children of one God. This is clearly revealed by all spiritual Masters. Religious leaders and scholars from different faiths, social activists and the youth should join hands to highlight and espouse the riveting ideas of one wholesome world. Communal harmony, national integration, peace and prosperity go hand-in-hand. God’s messengers and the Masters of thought have invited our attention to the universal human values. They have rejected wrong doings such as aggression and damage to environment.